Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award for CPIJR

Celebrating Innovation and Recognizing Achievements And Perennial Benefaction

Overview - The Best Paper Award is established to encourage and recognize papers published in Career Point International Journal of Research (CPIJR). The purpose of the Best Paper Award is to recognize and promote quality contributions to academic research and writing among scholars. For best paper award, technical excellence is typically the most important criteria. However, other criteria such as Innovation, Abstract, Research Design, Referencing, Title, Plagiarism, literature, Table and Picture Presentation etc.

Mechanism - CPIJR annually awards a prize for the best research paper that was published during the past year in The Career Point International Journal of Research (CPIJR). The winner is selected from a list of papers by a jury consisting of the editorial board of the journal. Selection procedure involves a process which will be conducted by award selection committee. The best paper will be selected by the committee. The selection committee is responsible for ensuring the selection process is fair and unbiased and that any possible conflicts of interests are handled appropriately. The award is announced on Basant Panchami every Year.