First Issue

VOLUME-I ISSUE-I January,2021

1. Stress Audit: A case study of the stress in coaching institutes and higher education at Faculty Level with reference to Kota City
Ms.Garima Tyagi,Assistant Professor,School of Computer Applications,Career Point University, Kota(Raj.)
Corresponding Author:
Page No. : 1-10

2. Use of cashew nut as a source of bio-diesel for a circular economic approach with reduced carbon footprint in the system of production of processed cashew - A Novel Study
Tunnisha Das Gupta1*, Monideepa Pati2, Ujjayan Majumdar3
1. Student, Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College
2. Research Assistant, Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management
3. Researcher, The State University of New York at Buffalo
Corresponding Author: ,
Page No. : 11-33

3. Comparative Study & Structural Behavior of Telecommunication Monopole Towers with and without Camouflaged under the Influence of Wind load
Syed. Ehtesham Ali1, Dr. Mir Iqbal Faheem2
Research Scholar, School of Engineering, Career Point University, Kota, India1
Research Supervisor, School of Engineering, Carrer Point University, Kota, India2
Corresponding Author:,
Page No. : 34-41

4. Optimization Process for Better Performance Implementation on Data Mining Algorithms and Proposed Hybrid Machine Learning Classifier
Madhvi Soni1 Sarita Naruka2,Dr. Amit Sharma3
1M.Tech. Scholar, Computer Science & Engineering, Vedant College of Engineering & Technology, Bundi, Rajasthan, India.
2Assit Professor, Computer Science & Engineering, Vedant College of Engineering & Technology, Bundi, Rajasthan, India.
3Associate Professor, School of Computer Application, Career Point University, kota, Rajasthan, India.
Corresponding Author: ,,
Page No. : 42-51

5. Implementation of Retrofit Data Acquistion System using LoRa For Industry 4.0
Anurag Nagar1,Vijendra K Maurya ,Tina Bhati
M.Tech Scholar,Rajasthan Technical University Kota, Rajasthan1
Department of ECE GITS, Udaipur, Rajasthan2
Department of ECE,GITS, Udaipur, Rajasthan3
Corresponding Author: ,
Page No. : 52-58

6. Analyzing and visualizing the data for prediction of the diabetics in the early stage using machine learning Tools and Microsoft Azure AI services
Chandrashekhar Kumbhar,Dr. Abid Hussain
Research Scholar,School of Engineering and Technology, Career Point University,Kota(Raj.)1
Associate Profes,School of Computer Applications, Career Point University, Kota(Raj.)2
Corresponding Author: mr.kshekhar@gmail.com1
Page No. : 59-61